Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday 2-19

It's WIP Wednesday!!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

 I have been slow to return to the grand world of sewing, but I've gotten a few fun projects done!

First up are two adorable little metal frame pouches I made while out at the river over superbow.  I call it the superbowl of sewing.....One was supposed to be a swap item, but I kept it and the other was for my sister, but the little dude's girlfriend snapped it up!

next up I made the punk a new nap blanket.  It's rather embarrassing when her teacher tells me that she's too tall for the one she has and she needs a new one.  So i finished this up:

She loves it so that's a plus.  It's an old pattern from crazy old ladies that I started long before kate was born (I used to vend at craft shows in the dark ages) and I found it in the craft cave and decided to finish it. It's backed with hot pink minkee and it's perfect!

On a non sewing note.....the kitchen is finished.  I will do a full blog post with before and after pictures of the massive kitchen remodel we undertook....but this is why everything in my life has been neglected.  I've been kitchening! :)

Once the remodel was complete I tackled my craft cave.  It had become terrible and I was afraid someone was going to call HOARDERS on me.  It was a combination of no time and the fact that my craft room/office had become a dumping ground for everything that didn't have a home.  The clean out took me 2 full days (with the help of my awesome mom and aunt) and I tossed 5 bags of stuff, donated two big bins and sold a big bin of fabric.  Whew!! NEVER again will it look like the "before" picture.  That's crazy!

In cleaning I found this giant starburst that I started during the Star Burst Quilt Along at CanoeRidgeCreations 

I added a white and a colored tonal dot (the same fabric as the parts of the starburst) border to this so that it would be large enough for me to snuggle under.  Now that it's done tho, it might either be a charity quilt or a picnic quilt....I haven't decided yet!

This beauty is The Heirloom/Joel Dewberry quilt.  I love love love this fabric line and I love this giant shoo-fly block. (Each block finishes at 17 inches) but at 3 blocks wide by 5 blocks long it's just too skinny.
So I will be adding a block in the width and then a border.  I need it to be nearly twin size when I'm done, because we're all so BIG that we need BIG quilts to snuggle!

And I will leave you with this fun pouch and key chain that I made for a teacher at Kate's school who is in love with wonder woman.  

Happy sewing!


  1. Wow! You have so much incredible stuff going on! Thanks for sharing such lovely eye candy!

  2. Great looking kitchen. Love your starburst quilt too.

  3. The kitchen is looking great. Your sewing room sure did look scary! I love the big shoo fly blocks and the giant starburst. Fabulous projects.
    valspierssews (wip wed 160)

  4. Nicely done mate. I agree most of what was written right here & this would certainly make myself wanna return to your blog! Bookmarked!
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