Thursday, October 3, 2013

Sewing Summit Recap

Last weekend I had the go to sewing summit.  It. was. amazing.  Simply put it was the best, most creative, inspiring weekend I've had.  Ever. Ever ever.

I am going to try to do the weekend justice.  I am not sure where to start, but I think I will start before I ever left....and this post will be very photo heavy, but unfortunately all the photos are from Instagram.  Which definitely has it's limitations.  And I learned a LOT about blogs, blogging, and photography and will be trying very diligently to stop using crappy ass pictures in the blog ;)  I took a photography workshop which taught me how cruddy my pictures are and how much more I need to learn about post processing.  But I digress.

I started with "Travel Handmade" and made myself 2 bags.  First up was the Amy Butler Weekender bag.  I love this bag.  I hate making this bag.  This my friends is a problem.  However, after much swearing and some great conversations with Kimberly from PerfectionNotIncluded  who is slightly crazy and has made FIVE weekender bags....I know what I'm going to do differently.  First up....I'm only going to pipe the top and the sides, not the bottom.  I think that would help with the issue I had with assembling the last part of the bag.  The second thing I'm going to do is refashion the bottom.  And lastly, this gem was from Kimberly....I'm going to hand sew the curves.  It was the ONE part that irritated me to NO END.  :)

My bag still isn't lined.  Oh and I used this MACHINE (this is my granny's singer professional/upholstery machine) to make it.  I'm happy to report, no broken needles :)

Needless to say, despite everything, the size and functionality of this bag is unmatched and I will be making more.  I think it's like child just forget once the perfect wee beast is here!

Next up is a bag that I REALY enjoyed making.  SewSweetness's Aeroplane bag.  I loved making this bag. Seriously it was fun.  It went together quickly and without much fuss.  From start to finish, including cutting everything it took less than 5 hours.  (I made this bag over a week during lunch at work)

It's adorable.  And fun.  And a decent size.  I did make the straps longer (I'm tall and fat and when this bag is full it's a little fat too.  So I wanted longer straps!) but there is one wee thing I don't like about this bag, but it's an easy fix.
This bag is squishy.  And slouchy when it's not full (it has a quilt stuffed in it in this picture to hold it up and out).  So I'm going to change the "Annie's soft and stable" in the pattern to something a little firmer.  Like Peltex or something like that.
Other than that....I WILL make this bag again.  It was fun!

Here is a side by side of my two bags.

A part of sewing summit was a  voluntary pouch swap.  I had a hard time with this...I'm something of a perfectionist and my person only had patchwork pictures in her inspiration piece and she said she loved purple but everything she had on flickr was I made two and let her choose.  First up was the one she ultimately choose....a pleated pouch that I made using the Pleated Pouch tutorial from Skip to my Lou. I made this bag 130% bigger by increasing the size of the pattern pieces on the copy machine.  I would make it even bigger next time and use it as a clutch.  Don't forget if you make it bigger you need a bigger zipper. I also added the fabric tab on the side and the claw clip. :) Clips purchased on Etsy.

 This is my second pouch.  It was a simple patchwork zippered pouch. 

 I ended up giving this to SewFearless who I befriended at sewing summit and I think it's the beginning of a long and beautiful friendship (and I secretly have a crush on her son Vinny.  He's a love.)
This is Vinny (and Jodi aka SewFearless)
More Vinny! He is an awesome amazing wonderful baby.  He had LOTS of girlfriends. :)

I realize how tired I look.  It was close to 10pm and I was sewing my heart out....and hanging with the VinMeister.

Once I got to sewing summit I took fantastic classes from wonderful teachers who were often bloggers and designers I followed on Instagram and on the web.

I made this metal frame clutch in a class taught by Hot Pink Stitches

You can buy your own metal frames and the PDF pattern for this super duper easy (literally takes 20 minutes clutch) from UpStyle on etsy.  Just click her name.  She's wonderful.  Really really really wonderful.  I don't get paid to say that :) Since summit I've bought more frames (and the old fashioned ball frames too!) and have plans to teach this as a class.  And she was amazing to work with.

Next up I took a Mini Dresden class.  Mini anything is a little fussy for me.  And I am proud to say that I actually did ok with this one. The class was taught by Jessie from Inside the Paper Box and she did a great job.  I want to make a dresden quilt, but my plates will be MUCH bigger :)  The teeny tiny ones are too easy to mess up!

One of my favorite classes was taught by Jenni Baker from In Color Order.  She is darling!!! 
Really.  She's adorable and very sweet and let me take her class and we hung out at midnight in the sewing rooms on the last night.

I started with a fat eight bundle of Lottie Da by Heather Bailey that I bought from Amanda of Westwood Acres.  Amanda cuts her fat eights at 10 inches which meant that I could get 2 layers of 5" triangles from the Sizzix cutter from one fat eight.  I cut and cut and cut and cut.

I liked the Sizzix.  It had very very little waste and I was able to cut an entire fat eighth at once.  

Then i really went outside my box.  I just put all the triangles in a bag and pulled them out and would sew two together.  Then I pressed them all then I sewed them into rows.  This will eventually morph into a quilt, but right now I have a few rows done.  It's a UFO....*le sigh* I have so very many projects in the works....

 I took Olivia Omega's personal branding class and one of the things she said was we need to put pictures of ourselves on our blog because we are people too.  Then we all had to take a selfie.  Here is mine.

 And then I was able to take one with the amazing, wonderful, very sweet Heather Bailey.  She's a mom and she hung out in the open sew room with us very very late one night and it was interesting to learn the perspective of a designer.  Then she was our keynote speaker on the last night.  I always was a fan, but now I'm even more so! (and her mother in law is the quirky Elinor Peace Bailey!)

My crowning achievement (and what I worked on long into the night for two nights) was putting together the top of the Houndstooth Plaid quilt.  This monster was a pain in my butt.  And it has an error.  But it's together and I will fix the problem and sandwich next week!  Lord. Have. Mercy this was a pain.  In the future I may write a tutorial for it, but I'm not sure I have it in me right now!! :) 

Oh and this bottle was the fuel behind my sewing summit frenzy.  Not a lot of sleep and long nights sewing and laughing and enjoying my time with "my people" as my husband calls them.  That was the best part.  Finding "my people" and realizing how wonderful the women that I follow on Instagram and in blogger that I've looked up to for so long.  And it was a TOTAL trip for someone to say "Oh, YOU'RE KennaQuilts". :) it was random to be recognized.   I will go back in a heartbeat.  It was phenomenal and wonderful and fun. 

Happy Sewing!


  1. It is lovely to see your post. I have seen several postings about Sewing Summit and sounds as if everyone enjoyed it immensely - good for you in getting the pleasure!

  2. Hi Kenna, it was great meeting you and hanging out at the airport. Definitely kept me laughing even though I had a 12 hour wait for my flight in front of me. :) Thanks so much for taking my personal branding class. And your selfie was awesome! Olivia


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