Monday, May 20, 2013

Quilts with lots of white...

Lately I seem to be on a kick of making quilts with tons of white.  And one of them is everyone's favorite quilt.  This quilt get's more use than ANY of the other's.

It's huge, it's soft and it's super duper comfy.  And it gets used and used and used. And washed and washed and washed.

And the other day I looked at it closely and it's yellowing.  It was looking REALLY bad.  The two year old lays on it, DH lays with it, it was a fort, it's been comfort and a picnic blanket.  And it was dingy and unhappy (I wish I would have snapped a pic so you could have seen it!)

Enter Mrs. Stewart, the greatest thing for white laundry since the advent of bleach (which isn't an option here!)

Bluing is my friend. Bluing took the dinge out of the whites and added a sparkly shine that had been missing a long time.  Bluing isn't for everyone nor every quilt, but if you have a quilt with a lot of white, and a lot of dinge, I suggest adding a few drops (you want to turn the rinse water a sky blue) to the rinse cycle.  And prepare to be wowed.....

(my only word of caution is do NOT get this directly on fabric.  I dilute it in a glass and then put the glass under the water as it goes into the tub.  Only in the rinse water.)

Oh LaFrance how I dearly miss you....


  1. I like to use Oxyclean - mixed right in the washer (no detergent) on a lite cycle and right into the dryer till almost dry and then hang out in the sun to complete the drying.

  2. I remember bluing! We had a bottle around when we were kids. We would imagine all sorts of things we would use it for :)


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