Friday, April 19, 2013

It's FRIDAY!!! And a Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

It's finally Friday *cue bad country song here* and after this week I am READY for it to be Friday.  I had two twelve plus hour days at work and the peanut has decided that this is the week for sleep regression!

In that vein I've done very little sewing.  I am squaring up HST's for the next of the round and round block, but that's slow going....but slow progress is still progress so I'm looking at the bright side.

AND I got several very sweet comments and one amazing email showcasing a block made in a similar style that was gorgeous. (And something I think I might emulate!)  Thank you to everyone who entered!!

The winner of the Honey Bun (and two random patterns) giveaway is

Just because give aways are so fun!
I love honey buns - don't see them around very often. They are great for making log cabins!

Beth I have emailed you!

Have a GREAT weekend....I plan on finishing the top for my Round and Round quilt so I have something fun to blog about next week!!

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