Wednesday, January 23, 2013

WIP Wed 1/23/13

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's WIP Wed!!!

And do I ever have works in progress.  I'm actually VERY VERY proud of myself.  I have rock and rolled on several quilts, finishing things that needed to be finished.  

While cleaning out the sewing room I found not one, but TWO baby size rag quilts in these fabrics.  All they needed was to be clipped, so on the way to/from the river this weekend I clipped them. This is my idea of hand work....and I also decided that i will always have a rag quilt ready to be clipped so that while on the 4 hour trek to the river (or the 7 hour trek to Utah) I will have something to do.  Now I need to wash them and then try to find them a home.

Next up is a quilt I started while in Utah last fall and also found while cleaning out the sewing room.  We rent a condo while we are there and I brought my machine this last time and it was AWESOME to have something to work on at night (I'm not a huge TV person so it's nice to have something to do).  I started putting these 4 patches together and finished them yesterday.

I LOVE them.  It's charm packs of Reunion and I am planning a framed 4 patch quilt.  

I have to go off topic just a bit.  I love precuts because they are easy, but sometimes they are SO SO Frustrating.  I was putting these together yesterday and realized one of the charm packs is about 3 mm smaller than the others.  While this wouldn't seem to be a big deal it IS and it makes them all a little bit wonky!!!! I hate that about precuts....some of them are amazing, but every now and again you get pieces that are bigger/smaller because of the way they cut them.  GRRRR

I had to un-sew a few seams and make adjustments to my seam allowances to try to compensate on some of the really obvious ones, but I'm just going to add borders and square up to try to make them all even.  I just hate that in quilting accuracy is everything and precuts aren't accurate!!!

And lastly (and I'm sure everyone is tired of looking at this one already!) I am sllllllooooooowwwwwllllly adding the straight line quilting to this.  I have all of the negative space quilted, now I just need to do the borders

A few more hours and this one will be DONE!! I love it tho....

Happy Quilting!

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  1. yay! on only having to do the snipping in order for those to be done!
    I still have some reunion to use up, I love it and your last quilt you shared, I have been wanting to do one of those!!! yours is really pretty!


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