Wednesday, January 16, 2013

2013 The Year of the Finished Project....January

It's strange how life happens sometimes.  Because of WIP Wed and my declaration that I am going to finish 13 projects (at least!) In 2013 I came across Chris who blogs at Shared Creativity and she told me about the Year of the Finished Project.

I already declared the word of 2013 PROGRESS as in make PROGRESS on the quilts I have started that just need to be finished.

So I'm joining up (late of course!) 

Never Too Hot to Stitch!

The only rule is that you must finish at least one UFO or WIP before you start a new project! 

For the month of January I am going to focus on the Whirlpool quilt.  It is NEARLY finished (I am about half way through the quilting process) and I just need to sit and finish.

I'm also going to focus on the little dude's quilt:

He was a little bummed it wasn't done at Christmas   It's not HARD it's just tedious and well....the fabric is solid so it doesn't interest me.  My goal is an hour a night on it....and that will get it done!!!

I don't even want to confess to how many UFO's I have at the moment, so I'm going to focus on these two! :)


  1. Welcome to my Linky party -- good to have you along and, as they say, "better late than never"!

    I find it better to focus on only a small number of projects. Last June I realised how many UFOs/WiPs I had and it paralysed me. A couple of months went by before I realised that determining which projects I wanted to work on and sticking only to those helped me get things finished.

  2. Oh I have that many UFOs too! Good luck with them, you can do it!


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