Friday, November 30, 2012

Plaid Flannel Goodness....

I have the coolest neighbors!  Neil and Rita live across the street and have been there since their children were small.  They were friends of my grandparents and I have known them my entire life.  Now that we own Gran's house, they are our neighbors and I love having them right there.  It's quite comforting.

A few weeks ago Rita gave me this pile of flannel that she had been saving to make a quilt for Neil to use while he watches TV.  She has given up sewing for the most part and thought I could use it.  I wasn't overly in love with some of the plaids (they aren't my usual style) but I had a great idea.  

I decided since Rita wouldn't make him the quilt I would.  For Christmas.  Neil does all kinds of stuff for us (including taking out the trash while DH is out of town) so I've been wanting to get him something, but nothing has come to mind, and they are the couple that has everything....

So I cut squares and this was the result (Sorry for the crappy cell phone pictures, it was late last night and I didn't want to drag out the big camera)

I LOVE it.  I am shocked at how well the plaids that I didn't like play together and make a snuggly, manly looking flannel quilt.  Reminds me of cabins in the woods and fires in the fire place and winter.

I need to clip it, and then wash it, and it will be all done! Yay for quick projects!

I started sewing the flannel quilt yesterday afternoon and had to stop to make dinner.  While I was up from the machine the wee beast decided she'd take over.  She called out to me "Mommy, I sewing". 

(In the spirit of full disclosure, the machine was off and unplugged so she couldn't hurt herself)

She sat there and "sewed" for at least 20 min.  I think once someone is old enough Mama is going to have to find her a basic machine to use. Or maybe I'll have another machine by then and she can use this one.

I can't believe this "big girl" is my baby.  She's 2, and super duper independent and determined to be just like mommy.  It's so so cute.

Now that Neil's quilt is done I have quite a few cut squares that I'm not going to use. (I may have some strips in there too, I will look)  The first picture is the stack, and the second shows the different prints in the stack.   I believe they are 6 or 6.5" (I can't remember) and free to the first person to claim them! I will ship them out to the lower 48 only.  Sorry! (I don't collect many scraps and won't use these flannels again.)

That was quick!  Lisa I send you an email....

Happy Quilting!


  1. I will claim them, would love to make my daddy a quilt, he would love it!
    lisamcgriff at hotmail dot com

  2. That was so sweet of you, he is going to love his gift!

    My oldest is 6 and she's getting a Janome DC1050 for Christmas this year. She loves to sew and has made quite a few things.

  3. Kenna, I just got my goodie package and I know that my daddy will be getting a throw size quilt for his birthday. I think he will love it! THANK YOU!


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