Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Busy Busy Busy!

Happy Holidays!

Thanksgiving is upon us and it is one of my all time favorite holidays.  The simplicity of sharing a meal that I have created with my loved ones and just being together is a favorite.  It's also fall and crisp and cool and I am just loving the season!!

I have been a busy little bee!!

First off...what's been keeping me from both quilting and my blog....

I have a plot at the community garden!!!

(this is one side of the fall planting.  Starting from farthest away is Oak Leaf lettuce, romaine lettuce, bib lettuce, and a "gourmet salad blend", celery, red onions and white onions.)

Here is a blurry instagram photo of the pretty green lettuces

This was our plot before.  I inherited a few cages, some weeds, and a vine structure

I'm quite excited!! In southern California we have a unique climate that allows the "cold weather" or "spring crops" to grow in winter.  So this is the best time to grow lettuce!

I've been wanting a community garden plot for a good long while, and it just all came together!

I'm not done quilting tho!

I have been designing this quilt for the little dude....and if all goes according to plan it will be my very first tutorial.  I found several houndstooth quilts online but none of them were quite right. I had to draw this one out to make sure that it was true houndstooth!

and lastly....I got a call from a friend that she inherited an embroidery machine from her grandmother and wanted to learn how to use it.  I spent a great afternoon helping her figure out the machine and we made these adorable bibs!!!

As you can see it's been busy busy busy!! And Christmas is coming.....

Happy quilting!!

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