Wednesday, October 10, 2012

WIP Wednesday 10/10/12

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's work in progress Wed.  And I don't have photos of most of my progress.  It's been a wild few days and today I was at one doc appointment after another.

The good news is that I have been sewing my little heart out and am getting stuff done!!!
The bad news is I haven't photographed it.

I will be working on quilt sandwiches and quilting next week finishing the flimsies that I've stitched up!  I am also clocking through the sewing room trying to work on the UFO's from years past.  That's always a mixed bag.  I wasn't a very good quilter when I started and some of those UFO's are a MESS!!!!

Here is the ONE thing I have done this week that is soooo close to being done:
Photo by instagram.  Colors are a bit.....skewed.  The yellow is actually green!

This is an older UFO that I pulled out and finished for a baby shower (that I missed!) but I am sending it off to the mama who is doing a jungle theme (yay for UFO's!) so I was ahead of the game, until I realized that I missed the shower.  Oops.
I have also been making self binding receiving blankets and bigger ones for the punk.
Babies are EVERYWHERE!!!
Come back tomorrow.  I'm going to do a giveaway! A good one...
One of these beauties will be up for grabs......
Happy Quilting!


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