Wednesday, September 26, 2012

WIP Wednesday to CELEBRATE!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I am celebrating.

I am celebrating the end of Chemo.  I finished!!! I am ALLLLLL DONE with chemo.  My journey through breast cancer isn't finished (I still have to go through Herceptin and then tamoxifen) but I am finished, done, completed my cycle of chemo!

It wasn't quite what I expected.  At the beginning of the summer the oncologist told me to kiss my summer goodbye.  I was devastated....summer is my season!! But the reality was, I didn't have to.  I am very lucky and I tolerated treatment well (I still have hair!! It's very very thin, but it's still is a terrible photo taken on my way to round six!!!)
I didn't get sick as many do.  I was tired, I was achy, I had good days and bad, but overall it was a few days every 3 weeks that were bad and the rest were pretty darn good.  But it's still chemo and it still wrecks your schedule and your plans and it's alllll done.

I'm just tickled pink.

I have been using some of my time to quilt and get projects done.  One of them is an ongoing project that I was working on with a friend.  She wanted to make a replacement "blankey" for her daughters birthday.  Her 19th birthday! :) and so we found the actual fabric of the original blanket on ebay and we started making a bigger version.  It was her very first quilt and I think she did a fantastic job. 

Here is the finished product:

The original had a satin ruffle....and a snugly flannel back.  So the new one did too.  And it turned out very very well.  Not bad for her first quilt!!

I also have a brand new niece.  And so with all brand new babies comes blankets and bibs and layette items.  I have been cranking out the receiving blankets.  The Robert Kaufman flannel is my favorite....

I've been playing around with the self mitering blanket, and I think I like the thinner miter than the wider.  I will be making the middle version more in the future.  The top blanket has no mitered border because I didn't have enough of the second fabric to make a mitered border.  It's narrower flannel....but the double layer flannel blankets are the perfect weight for a southern California fall!

I have a list of things waiting...I need to do borders and finish my fall decor so I can do a blog post about my adorable table runner!

Happy sewing!


  1. Congratulations sweetie - good for you.

  2. May you be blessed with continued healing. I know you will reach out to make a difference in all that you do, Kenna.

  3. hooray!! so proud for your being finished...sending prayers of feeling better as each day goes by...and many years of good prognosis...i'm a 13-year colon cancer survivor ;)

    love the quilt!

  4. What a relief and joy for you! Big smiles here for you.


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