Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Fantastic Fall!!

For the first time ever I am quite ready for fall.  I am never ready for fall....I'm the epitome of the summer girl and I love warm weather and outdoors and all the activities that come with summer.

This year I'm craving cool nights and comfort foods and fall.  So I decided today to decorate for fall....on an extreme budget!  I find that once a season is over I am over the decorations...and so I never keep my decor.  I know this is irresponsible, so this year I'm going to make decorations I love so I can keep them!

I stopped by the Dollar Tree and dug and dug to find all kinds of fall goodness!!

Please pardon the photos in this post....they were all taken with my iphone!

I did have to wander over to Joann's to find the wreath (that my husband has declared looks exactly like a hurricane weather pattern.  Oy.)  but with my 50% off coupon (and my 15% teacher discount) was only $5!!  (I also bought a twig pumpkin with a coupon/discount for $7.  Total spent was less than $25 for all crafts)

And I went home and started  crafting.  I was able to make a wreath:

 And table decor

The table decor was fun.  I found these super cute little ceramic pumpkins

and glued flowers and leaves and berries on them until they turned into this:

and this:

and this one:

I have a few stems of flowers left and a few more ideas....tomorrow I will make a table runner and finish the decor.

I may even craft a few extra pumpkins for gifts....

Happy Fall to you!!

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  1. Such a great idea! They all look so gorgeous! I really like the wreath =D


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