Wednesday, August 15, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

Whoo hoo it's Wed!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Which means I get to talk about my Works in Progress and hope to heaven that it spurs my lazy bum into action!

I have made *some* headway this week!!

I got the "what the heck was I going to do with these two random charm packs?" quilt quilted.  (I did learn that it's a charm of Verna and a charm of Hunky Dory with white charms).  This charm quilt soured me on precuts.  None of the charms were the same size :(

 This picture isn't the greatest because of the shadow but it shows how long this "lap" quilt is.  I don't like short wide this one is perfect for anyone that I know.  Wide enough for one, but long enough for your toes!!!

I decided to "cross hatch" quilt this one in the white only.  But that wasn't enough quilting.  So I did the colored squares too.  I still don't think it's "enough" quilting, but alas, it's going to be enough for now.  I am not in love with this quilt and will likely use it for a gift or a charity event. 

I do love the crinkly goodness tho! :) and I quilted the whole thing with Aurifil thread (now that my bobbin woes are gone!)

All it needs is a binding and this one is DONE!

Next up....I got all of the strips for the postage stamp quilt along sewed together and they are patiently awaiting pressing round two.

I started this quilt a few years ago (or a year and a half ago maybe) and I will say that my accuracy on it sucks beans.  I have seam allowances all over the place and it was before my current obsession with pressing.  I have to admit that this year I have come further as a quilter than I have at any other time in my quilting history.  I sincerely thank bloggers and blogging.  It has taught me that accuracy and taking the time to press (and starch!! how I LOVE LOVE LOVE starch!!!) are key.  I will finish it and it will look awesome because the fabrics (Sunkissed by sweetwater) and from here it will be as accurate as I can make it.  But wow.  There are some seriously wavy seams in there.  

The next headache quilt is for my niece.  She wanted snoopy and I found the CUTEST panel.  And I cut it up here:

and then left it.  And the panel pieces are TOTALLY wonky.  Really really really bad.  SOOO I decided to add a white border and then trim them all to an even size.  So the white border will be wonky and not the panel pieces.

So tonight's adventure is pressing the hell out of these (WITH STARCH!) and then truing them up so I can make something out of them.  Why can't this hobby be EASY??

And lastly I uncovered these beauties:

(as I was taking pictures this morning my "helper" aka my 2 year old precious peanut was trying to get ahold of my quilt squares.  She loves fabric.  Every single time I put a quilt down on the floor she runs over and lays on it.  I can't pin tops when she's awake because she rolls around on them.  Or runs away with them.  She loves to steal squares.  She was trying to grab ahold of these while I was taking pictures so I only got one good one.  Then I couldn't crop those wee little hands out of the photo....because she's really so so cute!)

I have been trying to figure out a layout I like on these and haven't.  So back to the design wall they go!! (and they are all starched and pressed and trued up nicely thankyouverymuch!

Then there is the one I am dying to start.  I was at my favorite fabric store (M&L Fabrics) the other day and came across this gorgeous Kaufman flannel

 I think it will make a YUMMY self mitered blanket for the peanut come fall.
but alas, it needs to wait for me to actually FINISH something!


  1. Wow sounds like you've been having some hard fabric times! Crazy how the pre-cuts were different sizes.
    The other projects look very interesting. Loving the Snoopy panels! =D

  2. Love all the projects in progress - yes pre-cuts can be unpredictable. Love your statement of seeing improvement - that is a GOOD thing. Don't fret on those postage stamp pieces, it all works out in the end - our ancestors 'eye-ball' cut and hand sewed all those bits and those quilts are still around to today. Oh, yummy flannel and will look so pretty in the miter pattern.

  3. Your charm quilt is very pretty. Weird about the sizes being different. Maybe they were cut by the fabric shop and not the manufacturer? Those little hands are precious - I'm glad you kept them in the photo!


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