Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Progress!! WIP Wed 8/29

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

PROGRESS!! This week is all about progress.  I have made some serious progress this week on OLD projects that have been taking up space in my sewing room.  I read a blog by Madam Samm about setting a timer and while I haven't done it literally I have pushed myself to work 30 min a day on a project, knowing that it will often turn into an hour (or five yesterday!) or more of work on my WIP's.  All that dedication is paying off.

Yesterday I had a marathon sew and finished this top:

I headed out as the sun was setting and it was clouding up and ready to rain...and I thought it would be perfect to get a photo.  And then BAM the sun was out.  It lit this up like a stained glass and I loved it so much I put it in here.  You can also see my seams and my anal pressing for this one!!!

Then I took it across the street and used my neighbors fence (as I always do when I want a good quality picture when the sun is out) and then the wind started blowing.  Oh well. :) It's a good representation of what the quilt is.  I set it on point (my first time and setting triangles are a bit...finicky.  Even with lots of starch) and I did color stripes.  I like it!!!
And then there is the quilt from H-E-Double-Hockey sticks.

Let me just start by saying I started this quilt in Jan of 2011 before my current obsession with starch and pressing.  And I think I must have been drunk and cutting with kindergarten scissors when I cut my strip pieces (I'm kidding.  I don't drink often and can't tell you the last time I was drunk) perhaps it was lack of sleep, the punk was only a few months old when I started this...who knows.  But my accuracy was NOT there.  Which made putting all those little squares quite a pain in the patoot. REALLY bad.  Its actually quite good (the wind was blowing and the quilt needs a final pressing...it's not a wonky as it appears) and once it's sandwiched and quilted you won't even notice. But let me tell you it sounded like a sailor's convention while I was putting it all together!!!!

This is one quilt I am glad is nearly finished.  I need to give it a good pressing and then I'm going to add a border (I'm thinking of the white/multi polka dot print) so it is twin size (it's about 8" too short). I intend for it to be the punk's "big girl bed" quilt!!

There has been no progress on the snoopy quilt.  Maybe later this week!!

Happy Sewing!


  1. Lovely work and good for you in trying a new technique - the on-point works great with that block.

  2. Lovely work Kenna, Your quilt is stunning, it caught my eye straight away from the link in. I love to see quilts with the sun shining through! I think I may just have to start following you so I don't miss out on anymore of your lovely finishes.
    Cath @ Bits 'n Bobs

  3. Both quilts look fantastic. I love the Sunkissed squares - perfect quilt for that fabric range! I think I need to get onto that 30 minute timer thing myself. And here, here for the anal pressing - love it! My favourite sewing accessory (besides my machine) is my Phillips iron and my best press - long live starch!

  4. Both quilts look lovely. I think I also need to try the 30 minute timer technique!

  5. I think we all have/had a quilt from hell like that. I had a whole bunch of trouble this fall until I realized that my quarter inch foot wasn't actually a quarter inch unless you adjust the needle position. Crud.

  6. Beautiful quilt tops! I really love the colors on that top one:)

  7. Both of your tops look great! Three cheers for anal pressing :-) It sure makes the finished quilt look better if you press carefully.

  8. Such great quilt tops! Hope you get them finished off =D

  9. I love them both, but especially that first one. Love the color stripes you did. Makes my little math brain all happy to see order!

    Well done, and congrats on the finished tops!

  10. I think both look great. I love all the bright colors.

  11. Wow! Beautiful quilt tops! You must be so happy with them!
    Thanks for linking up to WIP Wed!

  12. the on point sure adds to the design. congrats on making the dedication pay off. I need some of that attitude


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