Saturday, August 18, 2012

OOOOHHH A package....

I am like a 5 year old.  I love presents.  REALLY love presents.  And almost as much as I love presents I love packages.  There is something about getting thing in the mail....

So this morning my husband and I were sitting in the kitchen talking and I was standing so I could see out the front window....and the Fed Ex truck drives by and slows down.  I start to get SUPER excited, but alas, he doesn't stop...he kept rolling to the stop sign at the corner.  I must have looked utterly crestfallen because DH started laughing at my face...until I saw the guy running up the front walk.  With a package in his hand.  For me! One I didn't order at that!!

He had this:

I got SUPER excited.  See after my last blog post, Alex from Aurifil emailed me and offered assistance with Aurifil thread.  I had already figured out how to fix the problem (so simple really) and we emailed back and forth a few times.  I told him it was my very first spool of Aurifil and that I was trying it out.  He offered to ship me a few samples of different threads to "test drive". 

I am a little blown away by his generosity.

Here is what I received:

One cotton color chart, one wool color chart and a variety pack of the various weight and colors of Aurifil thread (including the beautiful variegated threads!!)

The colors and the options available really are astounding.

This is the cotton color chart.  I hear that the colors coincide with the colors of Kona fairly closely.

This one is the wool thread color chart.  They feel sooo cool and I would love to work with these some day too!

And two sample packs of threads. Each one has a spool of wool, a spool of 50 wt, 40 wt, 28 wt and 12 wt.  The Mako 12 is variegated!! I looovvvveee the look of variegated threads when I quilt.

I will definitely be letting you know how I do with the additional weights of thread and how it works in my machine.

Thank you again to Alex and Aurifil thread for the opportunity to test drive these glorious threads!  (I have to tell you it kinda makes me feel like a bonafide blogger now! :)


  1. I will look forward to your reviews...maybe it will get me to try them out again, lol!

  2. Can't wait to see what you do with them and your reviews.

  3. Wow how lucky! Hope you see you using them soon =D


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