Monday, July 9, 2012


Ahhhh summer is finally upon us in southern California!

I know to those in the Midwest and the east summer has been hideous, but here it's been cold up until this week. And it's FINALLY warm, and I am loving the's allowed me to get in some gardening ....
My roses are in bloom!

The grapes are FULL of bunches (these are concord's....I tried to kill this vine and didn't succeed, so now I need to figure out what to do with tons and tons of concord grapes.....I'm thinking jelly!)

And this little renegade morning glory is creeping over the fence from the neighbors house.  I have half a mind to pull the vine, but I love love love these beautiful blooms....

And I've even gotten some sewing done....I made this basket for my cousin who is due any day now!

It's two receiving blankets and six bib/burp cloth sets. I got a call from her mother in law (who is also my cousin) telling me that she was in love with the bibs I made the punk and she didn't want to ask, but really that's all she wanted as a shower gift....could I please...*lol* so I did! :) And the bib all the way to the right in the front is my favorite. :) It's a BOW TIE!!!!   If we are able to have another baby (there is a slight chance we won't be able to after I'm finished with chemo) then I would really like a boy!!!

This is one of the blankets.  It's a simple self binding blanket made in the softest flannel I could find! The punk has several and I am likely to be making more as cold weather is just around the corner!

I haven't been sewing much.  I have been enjoying time with the wild toddler and the field trips that summer allows....we've been to the park, to Disneyland (she was a bit overwhelmed, but she's still young!) to the river (she LOVES it!!) and all over....I have been very very lucky with Chemo and I haven't had any of the nasty side effects they predicted I'd have (I haven't had any real side effects) and I still have a full head of hair (it's falling the handful, but I had SO MUCH HAIR to start with that I still have a TON and I'm going on my 3rd round of chemo!) so I feel blessed and like I should take advantage of the time I am given. :) Unfortunately that means not much sewing and not much blogging.  However, I am going to get comfy with my machine during nap time....I have four pair of black pants that need to be mended!! I also want to make little dresses for the punk!

Happy sewing!


  1. So lovely to see you post. Yes, enjoy your summer and little one, they grow so fast.

  2. Looks like you've been having a nice relaxed time! Some great pictures there =D

  3. What a lovely basket for a shower gift! I make burb cloths for gifts, too, but your presentation is so much better. Keeping you in my thoughts and prayers! Love your fighting spirit!

  4. Glad to hear you are doing well! Love the bow-tie! So cute. :)
    I am in So. California as well. It got hot just in time for scout camp. Thought I was back in Texas! We were in jackets on Saturday and shorts on Monday. Crazy!


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