Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Long Beach Quilt Show

Last week was the Long Beach International Quilt Festival.  I love the festival but I chose not to take classes this year....because when it was time to sign up I didn't know how I was going to be feeling....I am on round 3 of chemo and from what I'd anticipated, I wouldn't have felt up to it.  Who'd have known that I'd be doing as well as I am.  All the classes I was interested in were full so I just went to the quilt showcase and the vendor fair.  I did get down there on Friday afternoon (after a comedy of errors just trying to GET to the show!) and then I was a little disappointed when I went in.  Most of the quilts in the festival were "no photos allowed" and most of the vendors didn't want you to take pictures of their booths.  I did however get a few photos of amazing landscape quilts

 I can't find any information on these quilts.  I had written it down, but alas it's missing :(

I will say I am completely in awe of quilters abilities.  

While I was there I met Julie Herman of Jaybird Quilts  she is a sweetheart.  I bought the "Hex and More"  ruler because I'm dying to make a hexagon quilt!! and this has BIG hexagons!!! (I'm not promoting the ruler for any reason other than I think it's VERY cool and I can't wait to use it!!) I didn't get a photo because by that point I had put big bertha away and was just enjoying walking around!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Oh, what a show to take in and to meet Julie, too. Nice day!

  2. Loving the quilts you did manage to get pictures off, its a shame more people don't want their work shown off =D


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