Wednesday, July 18, 2012

It's work in progress Wednesday at Freshly Pieced!!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

I'm happy to say that work has started back up.... albeit slowly, it's started!!  I got the postage stamp quilt along quilt from who knows how many January's ago out of the woodwork and pressed it again.  I can't believe how much a difference a LOT of starch and some good old fashioned pressing makes.

I have put together a few rows, but that's about it.  I figure if I work on it every day during nap time then by the end of the summer it will be DONE!!

I've also got another baby shower to go to, so the never ending parade of bibs is in progress.....

And then there are these two UFO's.  This top one is a little narrow so it needs borders.  I can't decide on what color borders.  Maybe a pink? Blue?  I know the fabric is old and I don't have any more of the charms in it, nor do I really want to buy anything....would a solid border look silly???

I've thought of using this fabric as a border.  We will see how much I have in my stash, but the background is a little creamy to go next to all that white.  I do have enough for a binding tho (this was the binding for the half square triangle quilt that was a UFO forever!!!):

And I think I decided this little guy needs two borders to be a "usable" size (I'm tall.  I like long big lap quilts.  None of this 54 or 60" stuff).  I'm thinking a dark dark blue and a green.  Or the coral.  Not sure.  Opinions? (this is tula pink's Neptune.  I do have more fabric, but I don't want to make any more squares.)

I have tons of projects I'm DYING to start in on, but I'm really trying to focus on the stuff that is ALMOST done.....we will see how successful I am.

Happy Sewing!!!


  1. I haven't seen a post from you in a while and was thinking about you. I saw those bibs, and thought, "who does bibs like Kenna" and of course the answer is no one!! Love the bibs, glad to see you posting again. Hope all is going well.

  2. Go with what you have - the piece you show will work with the first quilt and either the dark blue or green with the other will frame it. Glad to see you here as well.

  3. I totally agree with you on long lap quilts! My first one was 57" and I was disappointed with how little it actually covered! Your Tula Pink quilt is gorgeous! I love the charm quilt as well, it looks like it will be so cozy! I don't think it would look silly with a solid border, but borders are always hard for me to figure out! Thanks for linking up to WIP Wednesday!

  4. Your postage stamp fabrics are FANTASTIC :) That's going to be really neat one day when it's finished.

  5. Great looking quilt tops there! As long as the border matches up with the colour of at least one of the fabrics used then it shouldn't look too bad if it's a solid. A nice dark colour would really set off the Tula quilt top =D

  6. I love that quilt in the coral, blue, and green! Did you decide on borders? I'm with you, 54 or 60 is not long enough for a lap quilt.


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