Wednesday, March 7, 2012

WIP Wed....March 7

YAY! For new blog background/header/pictures.  I REALLY disliked the other one, but never wanted to take the time to make a new one.'s been bugging me long enough!

It's my biggest work in progress the last few days!  I discovered which has layouts and buttons and the like and went to work.  It was a learning curve, but GO ME! :)

On to other news.....

The white squares quilt is still in progress.  I haven't gone past here:

I *think* I found a background fabric and I'm not sure about borders....I am leaning toward no borders, but then again maybe it looks naked with none (alllllll my quilts have borders....eeeek!)

I am still no further on this baby either:
I cut the setting triangles....and that's it!

I have however cut and pinned 3 self mitering baby blankets. One is skulls for my sister's little one (she's going to be one!! OMG where does the time go?) and the other two are baby gifts in waiting as EVERYONE is pregnant right now. And I have baby fever. BIG TIME. I do have this wee beast to keep me on my toes....

I'm having a hard time with the fact that she's walking and talking and definitely not a baby anymore.  She's ALLLL toddler.  And she's HYSTERICAL.

She's not exactly a wall flower.  The other night she was really congested and sleeping in the chair with her daddy and started coughing.  I use a natural honey cough syrup for her (it's AWESOME!) and I got up to get her some.  I walked through the living room without turning on the light, and she must have seen me, as she sat up and said very loudly and with great force "Who dat?"  I was laughing sooo hard!  That's my fearless punk!!


  1. Beautiful quilts! Those are both going to be great!

  2. Oh goodness is she a princess or what??? What a great picture. They grow up so fast!!

  3. She's priceless! I have a Grandaughter that looks just like her. DIL says she gets ornery from ME! Love it! She's a million questions.

    So....what kind of honey stuff do you give her. Grandma may need to buy it for hacky coughs that come visit.


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