Thursday, March 15, 2012

Silk "Tie Dyed" Easter eggs

So I was reading "Our Best Bites" blog and saw this post about "Silk Tie Dyed Easter Eggs" and knew I had to try it.

And so I told my retired mom that while she was out and about if she came across any 100% silk ties to pick them up.

And she found several.  At the 99cent only store (if you are local to So Cal, they are the purple and blue 99 cent stores).  The gaudier the tie the better. (A quick hint.  The 99 is MUCH cheaper than thrift stores.  Ties are being upcycled by clothing manufactures, as well as quilters and crafters and they are WAY expensive in many thrift stores.  I'd look at garage sales or otherwise.  You can get 2-3 eggs per tie depending on the width and size)

So I followed the directions (only on two eggs, just in case my 99 cent ties didn't work!)  and this is what we got:

 I think the one on the right looks like a trivial pursuit game piece!!

 Here are the ties next to their eggs. As you can see they are gaudy and awful but make COOL eggs. 

But I learned a few things with this project.  First of all I'm going to tightly wrap the eggs on the bias instead of like she does.  There are a lot of funky white spots where the fabric wasn't tightly against the egg.  Second, I'm going to blow the eggs.  Third...I'm going to use a LOT more vinegar.  I used the 1/4 cup and boiled for 25 min and they are pretty but still a bit dull.  I'm going to use 1/2 cup or so of vinegar and see what that does. is a MUCH better picture of whirlpool with my REAL camera!!

Happy Crafting!


  1. Those eggs are so cool!

    I love the "center" block in Whirlpool. Very cool!

  2. Those eggs look so cool. Loving the whirlpool block!! Looks much better taken with a proper camera

  3. I saw the same post yesterday, and your eggs turned out beautifully! I may have to try that myself one of these days. Gorgeous!!!


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