Friday, February 3, 2012

Sometimes ya just get lucky.....

I have been looking at working on this quilt:
for WELL over a year.  I'd guess closer to two years.  It was made from a moda bake shop tutorial called "In a Jiffy".  And well, I made some modifications, but it DID go together in a jiffy....and the stopped.  So eventually last year I was on a mission to finish UFO's and I found a soft pink and cream polka dot for the back (I found it at M&L for a steal....2.98 a yard! whoo hooo!)
and quilted it...I was getting excited!! It was coming along.  Then I hit a HUGE speed bump.  Hell, it was almost a curb.  I didn't have binding fabric.  The quilt top is made from Tula Pink's hushabye and I love it, but I didn't have anymore and I didn't want to spend a ton on binding it (and I am strange, I don't like to bind in a fabric IN a quilt.  I want a complementary fabric.  To me binding is like another border).  Then you add in the colors in Hushabye aren't that popular right now.  And I was floundering. I would take the quilt to the fabric store and look and look and nothing.

A few weeks back I was on a field trip with my beginning sewing class, and a bit of divine intervention happened.  One of them pulled this off the shelf:

It's PERFECT.  The colors are an EXACT match.  It's the cream background, the pinks, the greens, the blues the browns....ALL RIGHT THERE.  So of course I swooped the bolt and immediately bought a yard. (Can't hurt to have leftovers in the stash, right????)

I look at it as the balm to soothe the itch of beginning sewing!! :) *kidding* quilt is nearly bound.  I cut the binding and sewed it last night and ironed it this morning.  I am alllll ready to put it on my quilt (I might try to sew the first round during my lunch, so I can clip it and it will be ready to sew down tonight!!!)

This baby is almost OFF the UFO list!!!!!!!!!

It's amazing what excites me these days.

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