Sunday, February 5, 2012


Up to this point I haven't done many patterns that require very precise pieces or quilts with small parts.  So it's never been THAT big of a deal that I don't press my seams til the end or I don't use starch or things like that.

However, my "word" of the year for this year is process.  I'm going to spend more time following directions, following the process (in all aspects of my life, but especially quilting) and working on the small details that most will never see directly but have a HUGE impact.

Right now I'm working on a quilt that has smaller-than-my-usual pieces and I have taken the time to starch and press each step before I go to the next.  I don't do this often and I am SO glad I am.  It's making a huge difference.

This is my weapon of choice:

By the time  I'm done with each piece it feels like paper.  It's THAT stiff.  I love makes piecing that much easier.

It's about the process of quilting, not "how many quilts can I make in one year".  It's enjoying what I'm doing.  It's focusing on the enjoyment of sewing.

Tomorrow I will talk about what I'm learning about binding and a finish!!

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