Thursday, February 23, 2012


I have been working on a Bliss quilt for ages now.   I start to work hard on it and then put it away.

So I worked on construction of the pieces:

And then the construction of the blocks:

And in keeping with this year's word of PROCESS I pressed and then trimmed all the blocks so they are exactly uniform (and starched all to heck!)

(because some of the blocks got a little wonky I ended up cutting a LOT off to make them uniform.  I will definately be more accurate in the future because of the process steps!!!)

But now here is my HUGE delima.  Layout.
I have 40 squares.

So my first thought was a 5 by 8 layout which I have here (pardon the pictures.  I do my layouts on my classroom floor for the extra space and only have my cell for pics.
Here's one direction:

 And the other. 

So I think I've decided on this layout and stack my squares.  But then I get to thinking.  If I do it that way before borders the quilt measurements are 42.5 by 68.  Not BAD.....but.....kinda skinny.  Perfect lenght.  I could add wide borders to the sides and skinny borders to the top....

But then I think what about six by six.....and colorblocked.
It makes a square quilt that measures 51 before borders. I'm just confused.....What do you think?


  1. Very pretty blocks.
    Is there any way you could make 2 more blocks and do 6x7? If not, I would go with the 6x6, only because you would definitely have to make the side borders wider than the top borders and I'm not sure how that would look, especially since I don't know what your border fabric looks like.

  2. set the blocks onpoint and those side and corner triangles and the borders you use will add the extra area to make a large quilt.

    Just another alternative.
    This page might explain in pictures what I mean 8-)

  3. What are you going to use this lovely quilt for? If it's for laps - then both layouts are fine. If you want it for a bed, I'd make more blocks to have one more vertical row. Great fabric.

  4. I like yours too! I love this pattern, but you do have to be exact, which is something I have to work on too! lol!

    Thanks for coming by and seeing mine!


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