Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Bon Mardi Gras!

Alas it's Fat Tuesday....and I'm back on Weight Watchers. So in keeping with the theme of eating healthy I paired my traditional Boudin (a treat that my aunt ordered for me from the Cajun grocer.  It is my FAVORITE) prepared as my Auntie Bertina used to fix it (pan fried with additional rice) and paired with roasted Brussels sprouts.  The sprouts are in place of the greens (I opted not to make traditional greens because of the calorie factor!)

It was fantastic!!!

Cajun food is often brown or grey and relatively boring looking.  But there was enough cayenne pepper in this to make it YUMMY with a kick.

For those unfamiliar, Boudin is a sausage made from ground pork, rice, green onions, and spices. 

Tomorrow begins the most holy of seasons!

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  1. Hi Kenna, Thanks for the tip on fabric shopping near Disneyland... if I ever get that far south, I'll look it up for sure! (maybe I should start $$saving$$ now?)
    And good luck with WW! I'am a Lifer who's a little off track. I trained with them about a year ago but it was right when my mom ended up needing chemo... so she came first and the job flew out the door. Let me know if you need tips or anything... I LOVE WW and know the program inside out!


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