Thursday, January 12, 2012

Beginning Sewing

I teach high school home economics.  I teach the basic course (named BASICS ironically) that is a combination of Personal goal setting, personal finance, interior design, sewing, cooking and child development.  Right now I am teaching beginning sewing.

REALLY beginning.

Like we've never touched or seen or seen anyone use a sewing machine except on project runway and now we all want to be fashion designers and think we'll be rich....beginning sewing.

Oh. My. Word.

I forget from year to year how tough it is.  I really do.  Hand sewing with this group wasn't so bad.  They caught on (for the most part) and all of them constructed little bears and they had movable joints and faces only a mother (or creator) could love.

Sewing Machines....that's a whole 'nother nightmare.

It took us a full day to learn how to thread the machine.  Then a full day to learn how to wind a bobbin (each class is an hour long) and then today was a full day to thread the bobbin and pull the thread up through the throat plate.

They've learned the vocaublary and passed the test.  But they have no idea what is what.  They sew with the presser foot up.  One of them didn't cut the bobbin thread from the spool, somehow managed to thread her machine and couldn't figure out what she did wrong.  I was in shock. 

Like I said, each year I forget.

However, there is a silver lining to this cloud.  When they finally sew, take that first stitch....some of them fall in love.  All of them are in awe, wonder that they are using a machine and it's sewing (granted to start they sew straight lines on a piece of copy paper, I have learned this lesson the hard way!!)  and then when we progress to fabric and sewing an apron....I have given them a skill that will take them far if they keep up with it.  I have planted the seed of sewing.

And they have given me a few more grey hairs.

<3 my job.


  1. I totally remember the cluelessness of Junior High Home Ec and learning that stuff. Then 2years later they changed the program to something similar to yours and I was the TA and I got to grade their projects. Oh my. :)
    I am glad it you and not me.

  2. Great post! I took a class like this sophomore year of high school and I thought it was fascinating but not for me. Little did I know I would become obsessed two years later? You're doing your students quite a service - they may love it, like you said!

  3. Thanks to teachers like you, I am able to sew now. All the training I ever had was in Home Economics (dating myself!), which we got to have for two years back then. Sewing, cooking, wood shop, metal shop, split into quarters during the school year.
    Keep up the good, challenging work!


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