Thursday, December 15, 2011

Remodeling and dust and holidays and toddlers....

....Just a little of what I've been up to!

I have heard my mother say for years that time goes faster as you get older.  She wasn't lying!

The last month has been a whirlwind in a GOOD way!! The dude and I have been doing some remodeling (I was sneaky and redid a bathroom while he was in Europe for work) and then he came home and we pulled the 1970's paneling out of the hallway (we live in the paneling palace!!!) and put up wainscoting and looks SO good.  I don't have pics of the hallway yet, but I have some reealllly crappy cell phone pictures of the bathroom.

It is the world's smallest bathroom (seriously) and so taking pictures is HARD because you can't get far enough away to get details.  However, here is a crappy cellphone picture of the "before".  Wallpaper and florescent peach trim.  Seriously u.g.l.y.

And this is one of the "ok" pics of the "after".

The mirror is my all time favorite.  All I used is paint.  I pulled the wall paper down, and then painted the ceiling ultra pure white, then painted the walls "Silver Screen".  I looovvveee it.  It's so pretty.
Total cost: $92
I had the white paint, my mom painted a bedroom in her house the "silver screen" and so I used her leftovers (the plus to the world's smallest bathroom!) and I had the super cute shower curtain from my old all I had to buy was a new light fixture, new towel bars, new shower rod and new knobs.
Best $100 I ever spent.  Hands down.

Here is an "in progress" picture of the hallway. I looovvveeee my floors. They are the original floors from when the house was built.  We have pulled the carpet and redone all the floors in the back of the house (looks like a runway!) And my big girl helping daddy mask the floors :)

AND once those projects were done I started in on my Christmas Decorating.  I love the holidays.
First there's this piece of classic Americana....

My "A Christmas Story" leg lamp.  She needs no further explanation.
(my husband HATES this lamp.  I love it.)

My charlie brown tree lives in my classroom.

And THE coolest wreath!
I saw it at Lowe's and knew I had to make my own.  I love it.  I love the simplicity of it.  The modern look of it.  It is just TOO COOL.  To make it I cut 6 small square dowels in half.  Painted them red and then glued them in the tic tac toe shape and then piled them up and glued them together.

I have one more wreath I'm going to make.  They all live on the inside because I can't bear to hang them outside!

I have been quilting too.  My Father in law is going to get a quilt for Christmas made from Moda's Peace on Earth....and the babies are getting hooded towels.  More to come on those!

For now...I wish you a merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

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