Tuesday, November 8, 2011

WHAT a week!!!

I survived "the Plague" 2011.

I kid you not, not an hour after I finished my post for bloggers quilt festival all heck broke loose!!  Let me back up a little....last week when I posted my quilt the dude had been sick for the better part of two weeks....he'd get better, he'd get worse, then he'd get better again.  Last week he was "worse" and so I sent him to the doctor...he had walking pneumonia and they gave him a plethora of medication to kick the funk.  So he comes home and is laying on the couch "dying" as men do when they are sick and I put the punk to bed, did my blog post and was heading to bed myself.  I no sooner crawl in when I hear the unmistakable gagging sound coming from the nursery.

I will spare you the ugly details, but let's just say that it was a long night of sleeping in the chair with a tired, sick baby.

And this

Needless to say I love this quilt even more now.  It cuddled my sweet sweet baby while she didn't feel good (it's been given a good washing since then!) and then after I got said plague this weekend, it cuddled me until I felt better.  This is why I make quilts.  They bring comfort when needed...not just warmth, but comfort too.

I also used this quilt quite a bit...

This is a super duper soft flannel rag quilt that is well loved in our house as well (so well loved I made a matching one for my cousin).  It is made from Sandi Henderson flannel....

Both have seen more of the washing machine and *hopefully* the plague is gone from our house for a loonnngg while!!!

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