Friday, September 2, 2011


I've been trying desperately to use my stash instead of buying new fabric.   BUT like a true quilter I am always looking at new fabric lines when they come out.

Here are a few of my WANTS:

Joel Dewberry HEIRLOOM in Citrine.  *Swoon* I loovveee this.

In the budget I have some "fun money" every month.  Guess what part of next month's "allowance" is going to be spent on??

And then on a totally different end of the spectrum is this:

Hometown by Sweetwater.  I usually dig their fabric lines (HELLO Sunkissed.  *sigh* and PURE and Make Life....I could go on! Remember this quilt: unfinished pain in the ass UFO?

And this one (which I WILL finish if it kills me!!!):

(and there is one more from Make Life that is actually finished but I can't find it now!)

They are Sweetwater fabrics.  I know it's the dots and the colors.  I am in a red phase right now....anything and everything in Red.  

However....there are a few fabrics out right now that mystify me.  I never did get the sherbet pips thing...and just as confusing to me is all the hype over storyboek 

I guess because they are similar?  I do know that I don't like novelty fabrics much.  Maybe that's it.  OR maybe it's the muted palettes.  I just don't care for them.  And I see people rave over them and I am just confused.  But then again, I think some of the things I do confuse people too!

What is your favorite fabric?? 

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