Monday, August 1, 2011


WHAT a few weeks!! I can't believe that it's already August....I can't believe how busy we've been this summer and how crazy things have gotten and how much is going on.  Well, went on.  Things have calmed WAY WAY WAY down now and I am hoping to get going on a few projects.

First is the pillowcase dress. I found a neat tutorial here:

Well that's somewhat of a lie...a friend of mine shared it with me on facebook, but making the punk some dresses was on the list.  Or at least one....I love the pillowcase dress look!

I've also been cleaning and organizing....the sewing room had been out of control.  I will be posting on the "where I sew" blog tour here in a few days when I get the last of it cleaned up.  The cool thing is all the fun stuff I've found!

Now...on to a little eye candy.  I am spoiled.  Rotten.  I have the coolest fabric store right in my back yard! Here is a photo of where I feed my addiction to fabric. (well I used to.  I'm on a bit of a budget now...between vacations, the other fun stuff that was going on this summer, and other responsibilities, I am on a fabric buying hiatus.)

The whole front half of the store is quilters quality cotton.  On the right side is the new lines from Moda, Kaufman, Michael Miller, etc.  On the left is out of print Kaufman, Alexander Henry and a boatload of flannel.....ohhhh M&L fabrics how I love you! (If you're ever in So California you MUST make a trip.  It's about 3 miles from Disneyland.  It's really worth it....but if you're a first timer give yourself a few hours....and several hundred dollars!)  What you don't see is the stacks.  The fabric that is flat fold which is off to the left....rows and rows and rows of flat folded cotton and cotton poly blends.

I live 45 min from LA's garment district and would rather go to M&L!!

Have a crafty day!


  1. I would go broke in a day living so close to that store!! Lucky you :)

  2. I am such a fan of that store too :) Nice that it is near and I can run there when I need a fabric fix


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