Wednesday, May 11, 2011

WIP Wednesday!

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

It's WIP Wednesday!!  and it's been fooorreeeevvveeerr since I've done a blog post.

Let's just say life on the ole homestead has been a tad crazy.  And not a whole lot of quilting is going on.

So I'll start with the quilts.  Remember this one?:

Well last week I got the borders on it, and got the backing tomorrow I'm going to sandwich it and start the quilting process. I love the process of FMQing more than any other part.  I used to love I'm starting to love the quilting part more.

I've also got my fabrics together for another squares and white quilt.  No pictures yet.

I fell into a pot of lucky...I hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate hate sewing bindings.  The WORST part of the quilt to me...well my sweet sweet friend in my quilting "class" offered to take this quilt:

home and put the binding on it.  Seriously.  I am so lucky.
In return I promised to make fresh, home baked bread.  I make artesian breads and tomorrow night is Rosemary and rustic white.  It's a fair trade to her, but I got the easy end of the stick.  Bindings suck.

We got into an interesting discussion about borders.  It's my other least favorite part of a quilt.  I think quilts without borders look I usually put something on them...but I generally don't like making them!

Other WIP's...I started a Christmas colors quillow and am still working on the dreaded postage stamp quilt along (it will be done sometime this year, promise!)

AND on the zig zag that will be the end of me!!
Now...on to my other works in progress!!

We are redecorating.  I am getting new furniture (or new to me!) one piece at a time when it pops up and is perfect.  So the other day I saw an ad on craigslist (I do love CL!) for a tv cabinet (I wanted something to put the television in now that the punk is mobile!) and found this beautiful pictured piece of furniture...for $25.  I figured it was a typo.  Since it was near the dude's office I sent him.  He was not amused...he doesn't much care for second hand pieces.  Oh well, it's in the budget.  So he goes.  And he is blown away.  He came home with this:

Sorry for the crappy picture...and all the cords in the picture. :) I was in a hurry.  It's gorgeous.  Inlay detail and metal tipped knobs.  It matches the bookcase and the barstools perfectly.  Eventually I will change out the dining room table and the coffee table and it will all go together! (My kitchen, dining room and living room are all one greatroom).  

On other news....the punk is getting more teeth, so we are back on broken sleep...which is another reason I've been so bad about updating the blog....

And the dude has been busy getting the toys in shape for the summer.  In the last few weeks we've replaced the bunkboards on the waverunner trailer, and on the boat trailer as well. 

**Funny story.  The dude was putting indoor outdoor carpet on the bunkboard of the waverunner trailer and was hacking it to death...I came in the house, got the rotary cutter, put a fresh carpet blade on it (thanks Harbor Freight!) grabbed my ruler (6.5" wide) and my cutting mat.  Laid the mat on the driveway, put the ruler down and the dude was like "that is going to take FOREVER, don't bother" and before he could pick up his wrench I had the carpet cut.  8 feet by 6.5 inches.  A straight, clean cut.  He was dumbfounded and then he pipes up with "that's just not fair, that's a spiffy little tool" (well he didn't say spiffy but I can't remember what word he used and I like spiffy) so now he has hijacked my backup rotary cutter for his tool box (no joke) and while we were at the river a week back he pulls out the rotary cutter and asks me to cut more carpet for him.  

Then there is this hunk of junk

This is my golf cart.  I love it.  It's huge.  And metal.  And older than dirt.  The dude is rebuilding it for me.

And lastly....the boat.  He's fussing with the motor.  And the wiring.  And lord knows what else....

Yes...these are the dude's projects, but as anyone with a husband knows...if they are working on something you are too.  My job with the waverunner was to find parts.  My job with the golf cart was to find a mechanic that could work on the ancient motor (and who'd heard of a Davis 500 golf cart!) and my job on the boat is to find someone who can patch and fix the gel see his projects are my projects too....

I will try to be better about posting to the blog!


  1. Had to laugh because I live with 4 "dudes" who are always working on something or doing something or trying something! LOL

    I love your circles quilt the best...but all the other quilts you've got going are just as incredible!

    Score on the furniture! I love it!

  2. ooooo I like your postage stamp colors! and your circle quilt is fantabulous. Wish you lived near me - I'd trade you bread for doing bindings any time you wanted!! ;D

  3. I have to say - I started the postage stamp quilt along...but, I finished it! Yay for me. You just have to keep sewing until the COW come home - LOL


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