Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WIP Wednesday

WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

Oy.  So I've not got a whole heck of a lot done this week.  I did however dig out another WIP (I can't FIND the others!) so I have something fresh to post (and to motivate my lazy busy butt to get working!)

So first with the center block of the aptly named quilt from hell. :) I love the way it looks but it literally gave me a few new gray hairs.

The zig zag.  I have the squares sewn together, it's all ready to be ripped apart to fix my glaring errors.

Next is the Postage stamp quilt....I am really no further than I was last week.

And lastly....the blissful circles cheater quilt.  I added borders to the blissful multi "cheater print", sandwiched it with a pretty pieced back, and quilted it.  It's a "floor quilt" for the punk, a great size for her to play on  All it needs is a binding... (the wind started to blow right about the time I started taking pictures....)
And the darling stripe on the back

I have to go to the FHA/HERO conference in Fresno later this week, so my machine is going along with dude, no punk....maybe mama  can sew?


  1. The circles quilt is so pretty and I love the postage stamp quilt...the zig zag looks great to me too!

    Nice work!

  2. LOVE the circles quilt! Great job!


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