Friday, April 1, 2011

Reflection/a cutie, and progress....

So I realized today my blog lacks pictures.  It's boring...and I will be working on fixing it.  More pictures, less text.

This is my trusty camera.

It's not as exciting as it looks.  A digital SLR is on the wish list.  Soon.....

So here is the progress on the zig zag quilt.  I call it the quilt from hell.  I am starting to hate it.  It's pretty...It looks cool, but it's been a pain in the @ss!!  I was going to write a tutorial for the method...but I am going to save the sanity of all out there and perhaps scrap it.  Too many bias edges.  I made it using 2 charm packs...and then you sew around the edges, and cut on the diagonal.  Which means the center of the hST is a straight of grain, but the edges of all the squares is bias.  Bias is a $#*@^$ to deal with.

And I realize I have to do some frogging (Rippit, rippit) which I am so not looking forward to.  But there is a big error that can't be fixed with the iron.

LeSigh.  I will stop complaining now.

She literally lights up my world.  I love the punk more than life itself....and she's So. Darn. Cute. :) This was taken this week at a birthday celebration here at work. :) She loves parties. to spend the rest of the day soaking up the sun.  The punklet and I are off to the beach!


  1. The easy HST is great in theory but using them can be a pain. Bias sewing is never fun. Sorry about the frustrating experience! Have a wonderful time at the beach. It sounds like too much fun!

  2. It's true - I can't not smile! What a little sweetie pie.

    Kenna, thanks so much for your advise. I'm a teacher too (my girlfriend makes fun of me when she asks me for help on the phone ... she says I get my "teacher tone" on. :) I'll employ your words of wisdom and promise to keep at it. Life is just too darn short to cross-hatch and SITD!!!


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