Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Almost homemade...

Last night we had spaghetti for dinner.  And I think I make a fairly decent sauce (the dude thinks so as well)...and like a lot of what I make it's "almost homemade"....meaning I start with a jar and a can and I doctor it up enough that it's almost home made.  Not quite....

So for my "meat" sauce I start with two or three Italian sausage, out of the casing, cooked and crumbled.

Add in two jars of your favorite sauce (I buy what is on sale) and a can of Italian tomatoes
Dump it all in the crock pot (or a regular pot on the stove), add in some dried basil, dried oregano and some minced garlic.  I also add in half a package or so of Jenny O frozen Turkey Meatballs (we are watching our waist!) and turn the crock pot on low.
Simmer all afternoon.
(yes, my crockpot is older than the hills.  I inherited it from Granny and it works better than any crock pot I've ever had!)

If I'm out of meatballs I cook and crumble a half pound of ground turkey and add it in.
It simmers down over the course of the day and gets really thick and rich.

Of course, since we are trying to eat healthily I fix whole wheat pasta (shhhh it's my secret) and often use Chicken sausage.  No one is ever the wiser...

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