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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Why I don't sew for profit....

As a sewist/quilter I often get asked to do "commission" work.  And until recently I always felt guilty and so I'd either agree (and be pissy the whole time) or I'd make up an excuse as to why.

That's changed.

And now, after some soul searching (and reading an amazing blog by my buddy SewFearless) I now can put a definitive reason as to why.

I want to sew on my terms.  I sew because it makes me happy.  I sew because I want to sew.  I sew because it's my creative outlet.  I sew because I love to sew.  I sew to release stress.  I sew because I can't stand most TV and have to have something to do. I sew because I see something I want, but I want to make it my way.  I sew for fun.  I sew because frankly, I'm good at it.  I sew pretty things because they are pretty and I like them and I want to look at the fabric/pet the fabric/admire the fabric.  I sew because I need a really good reason to hoard as much fabric as I hoard (and trust me, it's epic.  Seriously.  I have a problem.)

I do not sew as a job.  I teach sewing as a job, but that's different.

Sewing is my hobby.

As soon as I agree to sew for profit it's not a hobby anymore.  It's a job.  I don't want another job, and I never ever want STRESS put on my hobby (which is a fantasy because anytime  I procrastinate on a present I put stress on myself, but that's different)  and I don't want to have to follow someone else's creative vision. I want to follow my own crazy creative vision :) is where I interject.  I LOVE and ADMIRE people who make sewing their job.  I benefit highly from them.  I do not look down on them in any way. I love, recognize, acknowledge, admire
that people in my creative world are able to profit and have created amazing things by turning their hobby into a job.  That is AMAZING and WONDERFUL.  It's just not for me.  :)

And I like it that way.

So next time someone asks me to commission, I'll smile and say "No thanks.  Its just a hobby and I don't do commissions" and then go on my way.


A quick amendment :) I have to say that I love giving quilts and handmade gifts....and I gift most of my quilts and bags.  And occasionally I sell something I've made (see my key fobs on instagram!) but that's ME sewing what I want to sew when I want to sew it and then selling it after the me that's totally different.  I'm not sewing someone's vision, I'm sewing my vision and then selling it (USUALLY to buy more fabric.....)

Sunday, February 23, 2014

Holy Kitchen Remodel Batman!

Warning! This is a very very very picture heavy post!!!

I have been MIA for a while on the blog...and I've alluded to the kitchen remodel....where here she is in all her glory!!!

Backstory: The dude and I bought my grandmother's house.  My grandparents bought this house in the 60's and my grandfather died in 1980.  Very little has been done to the house after Grandpas passing.  And it showed.  This was the paneling palace and totally and completely dated.

So we had a BIG job ahead of us, but I have vision and knew the house had good just needed someone to SHOW those bones.

That was me!!

Here are a few before shots!

This is the view into the kitchen standing in the diningroom.

My old pantry and the side window.  Please note the several different wall papers on the wall and the terrible lighting.

 The stove and the left side of the kitchen (note the sink stayed in the same place and the dishwasher was kept.  That was it!)

The side door and the fridge, view of the right side of the kitchen

View out of the kitchen into the living room.  And the amazing man who helped make this kitchen dream a reality.....please note that we were also remodeling the dining room and the living room and as soon as those are fully decorated I will do a separate blog post for them!

We did the demo on the 30th of Nov and the new cabinets were installed on Dec 17.  We redid all the plumbing, the electrical, moved the beams in the ceiling, took out the door, insulated, drywalled, installed a tile floor.  Then the cabinets went in and shortly there after we had a semi functional kitchen with wooden countertops and a sink.  Two weeks later the counter-tops went in, then the backsplash, and then the final details that lead to this post. (We had all new drawer fronts put on because of some damage, plus the hardware, etc.)

Introducing the new and functional kitchen!!!


The right side of the kitchen from the dining room

The range hood and subway tile backsplash.

The front door is just off to the left of this photo.  I created an "entry way" of tile flooring by the front door and aide in the flow to the kitchen. 

The sink, saved dishwasher and the microwave.  I have had a few questions as to why I didn't do a built in microwave.  Basically there was no space.  I have to have a full range hood as the stove top I chose is a high BTU stove and needs a hood.  I was adamant that I have a double oven (I had one before and loved it) and so that was out and there just wasn't a good place for it.  I have TONS of counter space and so it was the best course of action.

The super deep single bowl sink with a high gooseneck faucet

One of my FAVORITE upgrades.  The trash drawer!!

This is an "eat at" island.  I will put two barstools here.

LOVE love love the blue pendant lights (blue paint is Batik Blue by Valspar)

 View of the left side of the kitchen

View of the right side of the kitchen

LOVE this stove.  It's a WindCrest and it's AMAZING.

Love the blue theme continued in the oven.  Double Convection Oven by Kitchenaid

And one last look of the whole thing!

Refrigerator is LG from Home Depot.  I needed a "skinny" fridge and this is only 33" wide.  The cabinets are by custom cupboards.  The oven is a kitchenaid double oven.  Pendants from Lowe's.  White subway tile backsplash from Lowes.  The floors are from Home Depot.  

Thanks for letting me share!!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

WIP Wednesday 2-19

It's WIP Wednesday!!
WIP Wednesday at Freshly Pieced

 I have been slow to return to the grand world of sewing, but I've gotten a few fun projects done!

First up are two adorable little metal frame pouches I made while out at the river over superbow.  I call it the superbowl of sewing.....One was supposed to be a swap item, but I kept it and the other was for my sister, but the little dude's girlfriend snapped it up!

next up I made the punk a new nap blanket.  It's rather embarrassing when her teacher tells me that she's too tall for the one she has and she needs a new one.  So i finished this up:

She loves it so that's a plus.  It's an old pattern from crazy old ladies that I started long before kate was born (I used to vend at craft shows in the dark ages) and I found it in the craft cave and decided to finish it. It's backed with hot pink minkee and it's perfect!

On a non sewing note.....the kitchen is finished.  I will do a full blog post with before and after pictures of the massive kitchen remodel we undertook....but this is why everything in my life has been neglected.  I've been kitchening! :)

Once the remodel was complete I tackled my craft cave.  It had become terrible and I was afraid someone was going to call HOARDERS on me.  It was a combination of no time and the fact that my craft room/office had become a dumping ground for everything that didn't have a home.  The clean out took me 2 full days (with the help of my awesome mom and aunt) and I tossed 5 bags of stuff, donated two big bins and sold a big bin of fabric.  Whew!! NEVER again will it look like the "before" picture.  That's crazy!

In cleaning I found this giant starburst that I started during the Star Burst Quilt Along at CanoeRidgeCreations 

I added a white and a colored tonal dot (the same fabric as the parts of the starburst) border to this so that it would be large enough for me to snuggle under.  Now that it's done tho, it might either be a charity quilt or a picnic quilt....I haven't decided yet!

This beauty is The Heirloom/Joel Dewberry quilt.  I love love love this fabric line and I love this giant shoo-fly block. (Each block finishes at 17 inches) but at 3 blocks wide by 5 blocks long it's just too skinny.
So I will be adding a block in the width and then a border.  I need it to be nearly twin size when I'm done, because we're all so BIG that we need BIG quilts to snuggle!

And I will leave you with this fun pouch and key chain that I made for a teacher at Kate's school who is in love with wonder woman.  

Happy sewing!

Friday, January 10, 2014

Houndstooth Plaid

Houndstooth Plaid

It's finally DONE.

Meet my beautiful "Houndstooth Plaid" quilt.

Houndstooth quilt
(notice my way cool neighbor's Neil and Rita's amazeballs backyard.  Rita collected "road kill" hubcaps off of the streets and freeways of Long Beach for years and has them all proudly displayed on the back fence.  Please pardon the distracting dappled sunlight.  This was the best I could do!)

This quilt has challenged me in so so many ways.

It's not a HARD quilt.  It's actually fairly straightforward and simple (it's 6.5" squares) but lawd almighty it was a study in tenacity.  I wanted to give up several times.  It's rather tedious (no pretty fabric to pet) and accuracy is a must.

And I love it.

Like true love.  Like wanted to keep it and stroke it and roll up in it.

But all along it's been a gift for my little dude.

And I gave it to him on Christmas and he was stunned.

It's just a tad bigger than queen size (here it is on my california king bed)
houndstooth plaid quilt

houndstooth quilt

So it's perfect for his 6'7" frame.  And he loves it. Which at the end of the day is all that matters.

One last look.  Because, well.  Yeah.

(I will be writing a tutorial for this eventually.  And I will be making another one.  Maybe with turquoise.  Because I love turquoise!)

Friday, December 20, 2013

Handmade Holidays

I LOVE Christmas, and while this year has been hard because of the remodel, I'm trying to get as many handmade gifts as I can.

Since I spent so much time canning this summer I had plenty of jars of jams, jellies, and apple butter to share.

I wanted to make paper labels and tried to go to the avery website because they have cool downloadable templates to make cute labels and the site was down.  In desperation I did a google search and I came across the CUTEST blog and a free template for labels.  Seriously adorable, wonderful and free.

Here is the link to Printable chalkboard style freezer and canning jar labels by Lia Griffith. They are SO SO SO easy to personalize right in your web browser and they print out vintage and adorable on white paper.  EASY.  I know I'm gushing, but seriously.  WONDERFUL.  

Ok...enough babbling on.  I had my TA (I have the worlds greatest ta's) sew burlap sacks to put the jars in and packed them up uber cute.

I'm thinking a lot of my gifts this year will be wrapped in burlap tied with red ribbons......

Happy Sewing (and canning too!)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

Sew Mama Sew Giveaway WINNERS!!!

And the giveaways are closed :(

(not to worry, I think I'm doing another soon)

The key fob winners are:

Shortbread cookies, I love both the pink and black poka dot and the pink and cream poka dot. What a great giveaway! Thanks for participating and for the generous giveaway. ;-> Toni Anne


My favorite cookies are snickerdoodles! I love the fob that is lime green with the spikey turquoise flowers. They are all so coo!

I have emailed you, please send me your address and I will get these out to you! 

And the winner of the Riley Blake Chevrons is

Favorite Christmas song is a tie between Santa Baby & I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas. Thanks for the lovely giveaway

Happy Sewing!