Friday, January 10, 2014

Houndstooth Plaid

Houndstooth Plaid

It's finally DONE.

Meet my beautiful "Houndstooth Plaid" quilt.

Houndstooth quilt
(notice my way cool neighbor's Neil and Rita's amazeballs backyard.  Rita collected "road kill" hubcaps off of the streets and freeways of Long Beach for years and has them all proudly displayed on the back fence.  Please pardon the distracting dappled sunlight.  This was the best I could do!)

This quilt has challenged me in so so many ways.

It's not a HARD quilt.  It's actually fairly straightforward and simple (it's 6.5" squares) but lawd almighty it was a study in tenacity.  I wanted to give up several times.  It's rather tedious (no pretty fabric to pet) and accuracy is a must.

And I love it.

Like true love.  Like wanted to keep it and stroke it and roll up in it.

But all along it's been a gift for my little dude.

And I gave it to him on Christmas and he was stunned.

It's just a tad bigger than queen size (here it is on my california king bed)
houndstooth plaid quilt

houndstooth quilt

So it's perfect for his 6'7" frame.  And he loves it. Which at the end of the day is all that matters.

One last look.  Because, well.  Yeah.

(I will be writing a tutorial for this eventually.  And I will be making another one.  Maybe with turquoise.  Because I love turquoise!)


  1. Oh, this is just gorgeous! I would have trouble giving this one away too.

  2. It is beautiful and perfect, I am impressed.

  3. It's beautiful! I love it! Congrats on finishing it!

  4. Love it. Is that a striped binding? (Hard to see)

    1. Beth it's actually a houndstooth print border :) I had it in my stash!

  5. Very pretty. I have made two of these but just in two colors (background and houndstooth). I can't imagine trying to get the plaid effect out of it, but it turned out fabulous. .....AND, I have only made baby quilts. I commend you.

  6. I just love it! I would line up for the pattern :)

  7. This is beautiful - great work and tenacity -- looking forward to the tutorial too #!|

  8. Looks great, can't wait for the tutorial!!

  9. I love this!! I first saw the idea on Pinterest. Did you use a pattern? Have you done the tutorial yet? I have been wanting to do this as a fall/winter project.

  10. This is a great quilt. Did you write up the tutorial ? Or is there a pattern? Thanks so much. I love it!


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