Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Reunion Picnic Quilt

Winter is over, spring is giving way to summer and summer around here means nights in the park listening to the Long Beach Municipal Band (or the Elm Street Band) and having a picnic!

That meant we needed a new picnic the Reunion Picnic Quilt made with charms of Reunion by Sweetwater for Moda.

The quilt is a simple four patch framed in unbleached muslin.  I love the simple colors of Red white and blue (with touches of green, yellow and gray!) and the homey comfort of the unbleached muslin.

Here is a little peek of the back, a Robert Kaufman print that I found in the flat fold at M & L for $2.49 a yard.  It matched the red/white/blue theme and was dark (for hiding the dirt stains from the grass at the park!) 

and lastly here is my picnic quilt in it's natural habitat....

Now...if only June would get here so I'm 1-off work and 2-the concerts in the park start so my picnic quilt can get some use!!!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Just lovely - super choice in fabrics and even superific price for the flat fold!

  2. Your quilt turned out great! Love it!


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