Thursday, January 10, 2013

Log Cabins....

Recently I was approached by Fons and Porter and offered a free copy (and free copies to give away to my readers) of  their newest "ebook" on Log Cabin Quilting. a more "modern" (I actually loathe this title because it doesn't really fit me at all, but that's another blog for another day) I don't regularly do "traditional" quilt blocks.  For me it's more about the fabrics, and the colors than the quilt block....but I offered to look at it and blog about it, because free, is well, free.

And the log cabin has a special place in my heart.  My very first quilt (which was never finished) was a log cabin.  And I learned a LOT.  Especially about accuracy.  And cutting.  And a 1/4 in seam.  And how if any of those things are missing then your quilt is.....well off.

Then I made this log cabin for my mom a few years back:

It's a traditional flannel rag quilt in a log cabin pattern with a semi fussy cut center of flowers.  I have to say that at the time I made it it was one of the most challenging pieces I'd ever done (I hadn't been quilting a year when I made this).

Now, it's clumsy looking and not my style (and just a little bit...ugly) but it was the beginning of my quilting journey and I still had a lot to learn.

So while I was sick the other day I sat down and really looked at the Fons and Porter book.  And I have to say that some of the Courthouse Steps and the Chevron blocks, while NOT the traditional log cabin, are still a log cabin block....and I like them.

The free ebook contains layouts for traditional log cabin blocks, two great charts for fabric requirements/cutting for traditional log cabin and chevron blocks, 4 quilt patterns, a binding tutorial and a binding with piping tutorial.  I found the charts quite helpful. They also talk about trapunto which is a skill I might tackle in the new year ;) 

However, like all things in life, it's free with conditions.  They want your email address in order to download. 

You can get yours here:

Happy Quilting!

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