Friday, January 18, 2013

A Friday Finish! (Sew and tell!)

Whooo hoooo it's ANOTHER finish! :) Again this quilt only needed a binding but the binding I originally made was too small (boo) and I had to find another piece of the material.  Very luckily I did happen upon another piece and VIOLA! This is the finished product (and for some reason this quilt DOES NOT photograph well.

It's a jungle theme quilt with four patch blocks of green and blue, but the green isn't the chartruse of the photos....more of a milk medium green.  Strange.

This is my favorite block:

The turtles are toooo cute!!!

Meet Julius.

(He's the monkey)

This is the sewing project for beginning sewing....we used to do Teddy Bears but my pattern disappeared into thin in order to freshen things up I decided on sock monkeys.  I scored these bright and fun striped socks at the 99 cent store and bought 60 the kids are all making their own.  As more are done I'll do blog posts on them.  It was fun making ONE but I won't do another.  They are a LOT of work!


  1. Great quilt - congrats on a super finish. Your monkey is too cute and the kids should really have fun with them.

  2. It's really cute! I had some Amh fabrics that did the same thing. Maybe look at the choice of lighting options when taking the picture- cloudy, auto, daylight ect. I think it is called white balance? Awesome monkey too!


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