Monday, March 5, 2012


I do love quilters!!

I posted yesterday about this quilt:
And I didn't know what fabrics it was.

Welll....thanks to kind quilters I know that it was made from a charm pack of Verna by Kate Spain

And a charm pack of Hunky Dory by Chez Moi.

Now to find some additional yardage (or coordinating yardage....there are SO many prints in this quilt it shouldn't matter much) to do a border and then binding. :)

AND I am AMAZED at how many people have the same issue with Moda's's a wonder they don't FIX it. (but then again, why should they? They sell a ton of them and make a fortune!!!!)

Thank you all again for your help!


  1. SO glad you figured it out! For the record I have only bought 3 Moda charm packs (they were prints, not solids) and they were definitely not cut evenly. For that reason I only buy "yardage" from Moda.

  2. They are a helpful bunch, aren't they? I found that the precuts tend to be off in the jelly rolls too.

  3. I'm sure people are too in love with the fabrics to properly notice to complain about it.
    Glad you found out which packs you used. Can't wait to see what fabrics you find to back and bind. =D


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