Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sew productive weekend!

I was "sew" productive this weekend!

Before the "Leap Day Giveaway" I went into my sewing room and started digging through a few bins of fabric that I forgot I had.

In my stash I found eight pieces of coordinating gorgeous flannel from Robert Kaufman.  It is really thick and soft and just yummy.  And I have been making Self mitering receiving blankets for the punk and we both love them. (you can find tutorials here and here)  So I started to make a few self mitering blankets and figured out that the Kaufman flannel is only 36" wide. Boo....that's not even nearly big enough and so it was either piece it (I didn't have enough for that) or just make a regular receiving blanket.  It's too small for the punk but I work with a woman who just had a baby!  The pink and white is the front and the green floral is the back (I guess it doesn't matter, they are exactly the same)

Next I found a darling blue panel and a coordinating backing fabric.  I have a good friend who had a little boy a few months ago and I have been amiss in not sending a present! I have made quilts or blankets for each of her other children and I know she is particularly fond of the flannel blankets so I am going to send this one to her now that it's finished!

And lastly....a quilt top! I started this quilt top a year or more ago (I might have started it while I was  maybe 2 years ago?) and it was made from 2 charm packs from 2 different but colorly similar MODA lines (Random question...does anyone recognize the fabric? I don't know what lines they are it's been so long!)  and 2 charm packs of bella solids.  I call this the quilt that ended my relationship with bella solid charm packs....a little back story.  United Notions, who owns MODA fabrics, has excellent customer service.  A few years ago I made the "Make Life" quilt from the moda bake shop and I found and ordered the labels.  They were HORRIBLE and none of them was straight nor true to size.  I was dismayed and emailed customer service and they sent me a new pack.  So I know if I would have said something they likely would have tried to make it right....BUT....I was already half way into this quilt when I realized that not all charm packs are created equal.  Meaning they aren't the same all.  I guestimate that over half of the charm squares in this quilt were cut 1/8" smaller than the printed charms.  SO frustrating. SO annoying. and HELL on accuracy.  Which is why I stopped working on this quilt.  BUT I do like it so I plowed on until I got it finished.

I really do love this quilt top.  So I now need to decide on borders (I'm leaning to no border) and then find a back fabric and quilt it!

That's all...but not bad for a weekend!!


  1. Yes, charms are really badly cut (machine) and I hate the pinking fuzzy mess. It's to prevent raveling put that pink fluffs off and then you lose your charm size. When a pack is really bad - I use them as 4.5" squares (trim them) Good for you in sticking to it.

  2. I know what you mean with the charms. when you look at a packet you can see that not all of them match up to size which is a pain as you then have to cut them or hope the seam allowance makes them all equal in the end. The quilt does look amazing though. Don't bind it or you'll lose some of the edge charms. =D

  3. I agree with charm cut.The top quilt is gorgeous!Happy quilting!!


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