Wednesday, February 8, 2012

WIP Wednesday!

SO I finally have my "stuff" together enough to do a WIP wed!  And there are a few WIP's!!

First off what I'm working on:

Currently I'm doing the "Road to Tennessee" quilt from Moda Bake Shop, but a slightly different layout.  I started it eons ago (last year sometime) and it sat and sat, but I am determined to make headway.  I'm using BLISS by Bonnie and Camille and it was a layer cake I cut into 4 charm squares, and each of the "O"'s is going to be the same fabric.
Like this:
Please pardon the unironed block.  It's been pressed, but I don't have a new photo.

here are other blocks in progress:

aren't they pretty!!  My goal by next week to have this as a completed top!

Other WIP's (that are on the wait list after this is done) include:
The postage stamp quilt along:

I've made zero progress on this quilt.  It's next on the list of WIP's to finish!

And the zig zag.  I'm currently trying to decide if this is going to end up in the trash can....

likely not, but it's a mess really.  I am going to have to see what I can do to resuscitate it.

On a happier note....I have a FINISH!!!

The forever and ever and ever quilt is done.  This was a UFO from 2009 from Moda Bake Shop titled "In a Jiffy".  It wasn't a jiffy for me!!!

I have other UFO's but those are the next two on the list.  I am DETERMINED to finish these things!!!

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  1. uh oh, what's wrong with the zig zag??? I LOVE it!! If you're gonna toss it, toss it my way, I'll send you fabric in return :) Love the bliss fabrics in the Rosd to Tennesse, can't wait to see that one done. Such pretty spring colors in that postage stamp quilt, very nice!!


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