Friday, February 3, 2012

Beginning Sewing: Part 2.

Each day as a teacher I learn something else. 

Today I learned, take nothing for granted.

I assume that everyone has had some exposure to sewing prior to my class.  Clearly I know this isn't true, but some things I hold as "common sense" aren't so common.

Things I taught in beginning sewing today:
1.  How to correctly hold scissors.  Many of my students cut with the scissors upside down.  They put their thumb in the long opening and shove all four fingers into the round hole....which causes them to cut funky. 

2.  The importance of cutting straight.  I *wish* I could teach this project using a rotary cutter.  It would be SO MUCH easier (we are making aprons).  However, they have to use scissors.  SO I have to teach them not only HOW to cut straight but why it's important for proper seam allowance.

3.  How to cut straight.  How to cut with the fabric firmly on the table, and not up in the air.  Why the pattern needs to be pinned, what is enough and why you don't need 52 pins in a 23" square. 

The students are like sponges.  They LOVE sewing (and they haven't really sewn anything yet).  The fabric store was magical to them.  The idea that they can start with 2 pieces of fabric and create is absolutely foreign to them.  I forget that wonder.  I am bogged down as part time warden (please don't cut each other!) and part time sewing machine repair woman/scissor sharpener/magnet carrier (for those errant pins).

The one lesson they've learned: Paper scissors cut paper and fabric scissors cut fabric.  This one they will carry with them FOREVER. :)

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