Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Progress? What progress?

So it's the first full week of my summer break...and I'm already tired!!  This stay at home mom (from here on out referred to as SAHM) business is tough work!! So far we've taken a trip to the river, had swim lessons, gymboree, I've tackled Mt. Wash-more and more and more....WHERE does all the laundry come from?? I've vacuumed floors, swept, washed dishes, cooked, worked in the yard....but I've done no sewing.





I miss this

I haven't seen her lately.  I need to send her to the sewing machine doctor to be tuned up (It's been a year!) but I'm afraid to part with her because I know one of these days, between lessons and laundry and the grocery store and picking up toys and yadda yadda I will get to sew.  My plan all along was to sew during nap time.  But I find myself doing dishes, or cleaning, or showering or napping myself.  So I keep trying...but the reality is probably that I'm going to be staying up past midnight to commune with my machine.  In the mean time I'm just going to enjoy "being off" *insert canned laughter here*  I'm definitely NOT off.  I'm going to have to go back to work to rest. (well in September that is!)

One last funny...this picture is classic...it's from http://thebloggess.com

And if you aren't familiar with the bloggess...I suggest this: 

I was laughing so hard I cried. The dude doesn't get it. This is the apparent difference between the male brain and the female brain.

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  1. kenna, I feel the same way, I bought a new Babylock sewing machine and it is sitting on the end of my dining room table and I have a emerald upstairs and both of them are doing NOTHING but just sitting there:(. I have been off of work for a little over a year and this past Oct, they called me back, well, I have not had ANY time to quilt,knit,crochet.:(. I want to get back to that stuff, instead, like you clean,driving,no weekends for me, I am driving to another state, or upnorth in our state. You do bring up a good point, you have to take your sewing machine in for a tune up, I should do that to my emerald, I had it for 2+ yrs and I have done nothing to it(clean,tune up). don't worry, someday you and your sewing machine will meet again, in time, life just gets in the way.:):)
    ps, I love the picture of the rooster at the door:):):)


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