Monday, May 16, 2011

Market Envy....

One of these days I will go to market.  I will run the gamut at sample spree and I will meander the halls with the great quilters and designers and fabric designers that I read about in the blog-o-sphere. 

Until then I just read about it.

This year one of my favorite designers:

I've made a few of her quilts

Crazy Old Ladies had a booth and was showcasing their new fabric line...Coastal by Michael Miller *swoon*

Here is a link to the final cut blog she wrote about the line and her visit to Calif....and a picture of the fabric.

And here is a picture of her booth at market!

Ohhh...the bottle cap fabric....the madras plaid...the blues/greens/oranges....I'm in LOOVVEEEE.

My other love?
Ruby by Bonnie and Camille.

Not at all shocking.  I love Bliss. I love red and aqua.  The punk's room is red and aqua.  I loved Little Plain Jane by Michael Miller.  I love Sugar and Spice by the quilted 10 years I'm going to wonder what I was thinking...just like I did after I wallpapered my bathroom in peach and green in the 90s.  Altho about 10 years ago I did a bathroom at my mom's house in hues of purple and silver and I still love that bathroom.

I imagine that my love affair with red and aqua will not have the same effect in 10 years.

Oh well.  For now....I love it!

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