Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Playing catch up....

I have made a ton of quilts. I am going to do a quick posting of them....the photography sucks for most of them, but alas, I will get better at that as well....

They are in no particular order...

Baby Ian's Flannel Rag Quilt

Dick and Jane Baby Quilt from Lizzie B Creative

Quilting on the back of the snowball quilt. It's all free motion and I am quite proud of how well it turned out!

Snowball Quilt

Katelyn's crib quilt that proudly hangs on the wall. This quilt had the most techniques...applique, piecing, sashing, 3d flowers....

Sweet patchwork baby quilts (I made 2 identical quilts) One for baby Jill and one for Baby Evi

Cute monkey flannel rag quilts. Kate kept the yellow one and the blue one went to Ryder (and eventually one for Lucas!)

And Lastly 3 super soft minkee quilts. One for Ryder (the blues) and two for Brooke. Spoiled babies in my family!

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