Monday, March 9, 2009

Rena's Present

So I've been on a wild goose chase lately....the mother of two of my close friends whom I adore greatly is turning 80 on Wednesday and I am attending the celebration! However, I needed a present (even tho the invite says bring none, I never listen) but in true Kenna fashion I procrastinated to the last possible second.

So last week on Wednesday I went on a wild goose chase to find flannel in beautiful colors and good texture to make a snuggly lap quilt.....flannel just has such beautiful drape and is so soft and warm (and I am SUCH a texture person!) so I went off in search to the usual haunts.

M&L-Kiddie flannel and bright garish colors which i love, but are all wrong for this one.
Tall Mouse? No a chance.
Bunney Hutch? Nope
Timeless Quilts? no flannel

so I stumble upon the Quilt Cupboard in Seal beach and they have exactly what I need.

And a shop cat.

I am deathly allergic to cats. It's BAD....and of course this cat LIVES in the shop!!!

I had no choice but to buy it and try to work with it. I have to wash it before I give it away so that will be ok....but working with it is turning out to be a pain! I was sneezing something fierce while piecing it and i'm sure clipping it will be just as fun.

C'est la vie. I will finish tonight!

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